MDMS - Magic Dust for Modern Success - Find Your Perfect Swipe Right on Tinder, small version

MDMS - Magic Dust for Modern Success - Find Your Perfect Swipe Right on Tinder, small version

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First of all, for this one to work, you have to install Tinder. Second of all, you have to clear your mind and understand not only what you are looking for, but also acknowledge what you have to offer. Everybody is looking for a perfect match, but very few of us find it. Avoid getting your expectations too high and try to understand that you do not need someone else to complete you, because you are complete by yourself.   

This magic dust is a blend of roses, thyme, sage, marigold, cornflower, and frankincense. You might not know this about ROSES, but they are used for medical purposes like antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic. They are also used for bringing down the fever. As a part of your dust, rose petals symbolize the implication of a higher energy in your changing process. You may have not noticed this, but a lot of angels are surrounded by roses in many paintings as roses symbolize love, and love is the true essence of divinity. In some religions, the rose is the symbol of Virgin Mary. SAGE is highly recommended, among other purposes, for wisdom and clarity of mind and thoughts, which are defining elements in raising your vibration. It is also considered to improve sleep, and you do not want to be tired when you meet the chosen one. THYME does an amazing work on the heart and the digestive system and it can also provide protection against airborne pathogens. On the spiritual side it invocates courage and confidence, qualities that a lot of people want to find in a partner. MARIGOLD has been used for centuries for beauty spells and it has many antiseptic medicinal purposes, while CORNFLOWER’s magical benefits include enhancing fertility, sex, love, and abundance. It has been known for centuries that FRANKINCENSE is related to religious ceremony around the world and it is commonly used in meditation practice. Many believe that it inspires towards purification and the equilibrium between the mind, body and spirit. In modern magical practice it is commonly used as a purifier.


The dove you see on the front label is a symbol of love, grace, and devotion, qualities you want to find both in yourself and your partner. Roses are also a symbol of love.



Do not expect our products to be miracle makers. Our products only facilitate your improvement processes. In order to achieve your goals, you are going to need will, determination, dedication and constant effort, all components of your spiritual growth.

All of our ingredients are natural and our advice is that no matter where you buy your magic dust or incense from, please pay attention to the their labels and ingredients and try to avoid the ones with synthetic fragrances.  We use 100% natural resin granules which have been purified for the cleanest burn and purest aromas.


IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Never leave our products unattended while using them and always keep it out of reach of children.


The recipient pictured here has 30 ml.


Burn no more than a pinch in a single usage. Never burn directly with an open flame, always use special charcoal.