MDMS - Magic Dust for Modern Success - Enhance Your Performance at Work, small version

MDMS - Magic Dust for Modern Success - Enhance Your Performance at Work, small version

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We all have moments when we find ourselves unable to perform at our full capacity at work. That is due to stress, fatigue, and sometimes lack of interest or concentration. Unfortunately, we are not always in the position to take a break in order to recharge our batteries, but we can definitely clean our minds and the space that we work in so that our performance at work can be improved. 

This magic dust is a blend of rosemary, wormwood, pine, and frankincense mixed together in order to mend your performance at work. ROSEMARY is known for centuries now, for helping our spirit to connect with our bodies, and improves the energy flow, thus leading to more concentration power. Rosemary also protects space, strengthens your memory, one of the elements we all need while working. It protects us from the airborne pathogens. THE WORMWOOD has been used for centuries for medical purposes to treat parasites, and it also helps us connect with nature giving us a sense of belonging which helps us feel more comfortable and welcome in our working space. Among the medical benefits of the PINE we can list that it boosts immunity, improves vision & circulation, and maintains respiratory health. On the spiritual side it induces joy, eliminates negative energy, and clears the space. It has been known for centuries that FRANKINCENSE is related to religious ceremony around the world and it is commonly used in meditation practice. Many believe that it inspires towards purification and the equilibrium between the mind, body and spirit. In modern magical practice it is commonly used as a purifier.

The lion that you see on the front label symbolizes the strength, power and the authority that you need at work. The nautilus shells, like any spiral, are a symbol of constant spiritual evolution. The laurel means victory, honor, and peace, and the yellow poppy is associated with growth.



Do not expect our products to be miracle makers. Our products only facilitate your improvement processes. In order to achieve your goals, you are going to need will, determination, dedication and constant effort, all components of your spiritual growth.

All of our ingredients are natural and our advice is that no matter where you buy your magic dust or incense from, please pay attention to the their labels and ingredients and try to avoid the ones with synthetic fragrances.  We use 100% natural resin granules which have been purified for the cleanest burn and purest aromas. 


IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Never leave our products unattended while using them and always keep it out of reach of children.


The recipient pictured here has 30 ml.

Burn no more than a pinch in a single usage. Never burn directly with an open flame, always use special charcoal.