LIL/Liaisons in Love – Might Help you Take His Heart, Soul and Ring Magic Dust, small version

LIL/Liaisons in Love – Might Help you Take His Heart, Soul and Ring Magic Dust, small version

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Love is the one thing that most of the people desire. We all dream of finding that special someone, we all dream of our perfect match. There are a few tricks to get you closer to the love life you have always imagined. The most important one is to love yourself first, the others might get some help from your LIL dust.  

This magic dust is a blend of rose, rosemary, marigold, wormwood, and frankincense, ingredients mixed together to help you achieve such an amazing personal mindset that will make him love you more. You might not know this about ROSES, but they are used for medical purposes like antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic. They are also used for bringing down the fever. As a part of your dust, rose petals symbolize the implication of a higher energy in your changing process. You may have not noticed this, but a lot of angels are surrounded by roses in many paintings as roses symbolize love, and love is the true essence of divinity. In some religions, the rose is the symbol of Virgin Mary. This magic dust is a blend of rosemary, lavender, tarragon, and frankincense. ROSEMARY is known for centuries now, for helping our spirit to connect with our bodies, and improving the energy flow, thus leading to your mind, understanding the needs of your body and vice versa. Rosemary also protects space and strengthens your memory. It also protects us from the airborne pathogens. The WORMWOOD has been used for centuries for medical purposes to treat parasites, and it also helps us connect with nature giving us a sense of belonging which helps us feel more comfortable in our living space. It has been known for centuries that FRANKINCENSE is related to religious ceremony around the world and is commonly used in meditation practice. Many believe that it inspires towards purification and the equilibrium between the mind, body and spirit. In modern magical practice it is commonly used as a purifier.


The snakes you see on the front label symbolizes the source of life, which in many cultures is considered to be love itself. We share that opinion, too. The purple lilac is the symbol of a first love or a whole new level of love.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not expect our products to be miracle makers. Our products only facilitate your improvement processes. In order to achieve your goals, you are going to need will, determination, dedication and constant effort, all components of your spiritual growth.


The Magic Dust or Incense has been used since the oldest times as a spiritual tool and a liaison between our mind, soul, and the spiritual world. Many religions and cultures use it to create a sacred space and atmosphere, meant to facilitate processes such as meditation, spiritual cleansing, or finding solutions to daily problems. In simple words, we may say that magic dust is a powerful tool for clearing the mind. Magic dust or incense is considered to represent the element of AIR which is always around, being crucial to our existence, an element of movement associated with our intellect, our mind, and communication. Magical dust is a mix of herbs, resin, roots that once burned releases different kinds of scents for different spiritual purposes. It is considered one of the oldest forms of magic, used since antiquity for many cultural, spiritual and religious purposes. Actually, so many religions and cultures have been using it, that we can simply draw one conclusion: Spirituality is what we all have in common. Rituals based on incense are even mentioned in the Bible, some of the gifts brought by the three wise men to Jesus' birth consisting in frankincense and myrrh, both considered expensive and sacred elements. Egyptians also had the highest form of respect for burning incense, as archeologists discovered recipients used for burning incense on a site very close to Stonehenge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All of our ingredients are natural and our advice is that no matter where you buy your magic dust or incense from, please pay attention to their labels and ingredients and try to avoid the ones with synthetic fragrances.  We use 100% natural resin granules which have been purified for the cleanest burn and purest aromas.



IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Never leave our products unattended while using them and always keep it out of reach of children. 

The recipient pictured here has 30 ml.


Burn no more than a pinch in a single usage. Never burn directly with an open flame, always use special charcoal.